About Us

About Us

Bellwether Behavioral Health was founded in 1968, and is a nationally recognized behavioral healthcare provider specializing in services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and dual diagnoses. We serve individuals with:

  • developmental disabilities such as autism and intellectual disability
  • severe emotional disturbances and mental health issues
  • extremely challenging behavior such as self-injury, aggression, property destruction, and sexually inappropriate behavior
  • conduct disorders, including those requiring court involvement
  • the combination of developmental disabilities, challenging behaviors and significant medical complications

Bellwether Behavioral Health’s unique, comprehensive treatment methodology provides real help and proven results which allow our individuals to lead full and meaningful lives.

  • Bellwether Behavioral Health’s comprehensive treatment services include special education, structured day programs, vocational training, supported employment, and campus and community living programs, all of which enhance the quality of life of each individual.
  • Bellwether Behavioral Health gives hope to individuals and their families when all other placements and programs have failed.
  • Currently, Bellwether Behavioral Health provides treatment services to more than 600 individuals through our programs in Delaware, Florida and New Jersey. Our programs operate 24/7, 365 days a year and are recognized by regulators, agencies and families as safe, effective, and life-enhancing.
  • Our experience in helping individuals with the most challenging needs is widely recognized and our approach to treatment and instruction, based on applied behavior analysis, is scientifically proven. A multi-disciplinary team designs a comprehensive, customized program for each individual we serve.

When families and agencies have had numerous, unsuccessful attempts to address a developmentally disabled individual’s significant behavioral challenges, they turn to Bellwether Behavioral Health as a last resort. Effective treatment services for individuals with these intensive challenges require high levels of professional expertise and an around-the-clock commitment. In fact, providing effective treatment services for this extremely challenging population is one of the most significant problems faced by human service agencies.

Bellwether Behavioral Health is not only committed to treating challenging behaviors and enhancing individuals’ skills but to changing individuals’ lives. Our service goal is to empower individuals to transition back to their families or a nearby resource to lead fulfilling, rewarding lives in their communities.

With over 40 years of service, we have established a strong reputation within the behavioral healthcare sector as a leading residential and educational community service provider for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and severe behavioral challenges. Bellwether Behavioral Health is highly regarded for its behavioral treatment techniques, which use comprehensive, individualized programs and advanced data analysis.