Our Philosophy

dsc1033Bellwether Behavioral Health’s mission is to enhance the quality of lives of individuals with exceptional needs through individualized, expertly-designed treatment programs and services coordinated to empower individuals to advocate for themselves, achieve their goals, and develop social supports within their community.

We serve people whose severe behavioral challenges require safe and effective treatment. Individuals are referred to Bellwether Behavioral Health for intensive treatment when other placements and programs have failed. In both our transitional and longer-term programs, we strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of an individual’s challenges
    (i.e., what conditions and dynamics motivate and maintain their challenges).
  • Develop a treatment plan designed to address and correct these
    challenges as well as build positive supports for new behavior.
  • Assess the treatment plan to ensure it is effective, improves behavior,
    and accelerates the learning of functional skills.
  • Provide each individual with the skills necessary to lead a full and meaningful
    life and a proven as well as a practical formula for continued progress and success.