Bridge Academy

Summit_Advo1256Bridge Academy serves individuals with higher cognitive abilities who require support with the management of their behaviors. Additionally, the Academy focuses on educational achievement as an alternative to behavioral problems to ensure each individual’s future success. Summit Academy individuals attend classes in age- and ability-appropriate groupings. Male and female students are separated in both their educational and residential programs.

Special educational programming is provided in a highly-structured setting and is fully-integrated with the residential component of the program to form a consistent and seamless treatment approach. Each student has an individualized educational plan (IEP) based on his or her strengths, skills and needs, each of which includes an individualized behavior support plan.

Instruction encompassing academic, vocational, leisure and adaptive disciplines are included in every lesson plan. Our educators work with the State Department of Education and our neighboring school districts to ensure that our students satisfy the credit and course requirements necessary to graduate from high school.