Behavior Medical Program

_DSC0770For children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who suffer significant behavioral challenges as well as medical conditions that require expert professional attention, Bellwether Behavioral Health’s Florida program provides a Behavior Medical option. Individuals, who display behavioral challenges such as aggression and self-injury and also manifest medical issues such as insulin dependent diabetes, seizure disorders, and recurrent injuries from self-injury, benefit from placement in the Behavior Medical program.

We developed the Behavior Medical program to address the common dilemma often faced by individuals with both medical and behavioral problems: the choice between a program that could treat their behavioral issues or one that could treat their medical conditions.

Our highly-qualified nurses and physicians provide 24/7 support for each individual’s medical conditions and issues. Our nurses perform routine medical treatment services throughout the day as they arise. Our primary care practitioner, a Florida-licensed medical doctor, as well as our Florida-licensed psychiatrist make routine rounds at the program to attend to the specific medical and psychiatric needs of each individual.

The program includes comprehensive supervision and intensive programming for each individual, each of whom has access to appropriate educational, vocational, habilitative and therapeutic services including behavior analysis, complete medical care, communication instruction, recreational opportunities and adult programs. Our program staff is highly trained to ensure the highest level of quality care and support.

To address all other domains of learning and living, our clinicians design either an individual education plan (IEP) or an individual habilitation plan (IHP), which specifies the spectrum of each individual’s program goals and objectives, including the acquisition of self-care, communication, vocational, education, leisure skills and money management. Each individual is also provided access to and the ability to participate in all typical community activities.

The overriding aim of the Florida Behavior Medical program is to develop and design for each individual an array of supports and services that will successfully address that individual’s behavioral and medical issues while facilitating greater inclusion in and access to community life. While effective treatment and education is the mission, the warm ambiance that pervades our Florida program belies its serious therapeutic purpose.

Close relationships are formed; a warm and light mood characterizes the experience. One parent described the program as “intensive treatment imbedded in a summer camp.”

Our Behavior Medical program provides treatment for both medical conditions and behavioral challenges including:

  • Insulin-dependent diabetes
  • Seizure disorders
  • Tuberous sclerosis
  • Feeding/swallowing difficulties
  • Cardiac complications
  • Respiratory disorders