Educational Center

CPEC PanoLocated in Mount Dora, Florida, our Educational Center is well-known throughout the southeastern United States for its success in treating serious behavioral problems. Our clinicians expertly design an individualized, comprehensive behavioral plan for each individual admitted as well as provide:

  • A full functional assessment.
  • Intensive instruction and reinforcement for appropriate, adaptive behavior.
  • A fully-approved educational program, which focuses on achievement as an alternative to behaviors problems. Academic, vocational, leisure and adaptive disciplines are included in every school day where individuals learn everything from social skills to social studies.
  • Medication review and monitoring and other therapeutic modalities.
  • Counseling where needed and clinically appropriate.
  • Routine use of live interactive video, which allows professionals to monitor our service settings and provide 24-hour training and treatment consultation.
  • Access to a specialized Behavior Medical program.
  • Placement at one of a variety of living arrangements within the CTEP continuum, including highly-supervised and secure arrangements, community residences and apartment living.