Adult Programs

Our staff provides our adult individuals the necessary supports, including fundamental, meaningful, and therapeutic learning experiences, to facilitate their integration into the community, such as:

  • Assisting individuals to participate in community volunteer opportunities
  • Enhancing individuals’ social communication skills and interactions
  • Teaching individuals in-demand labor skills
  • Teaching individuals to use and be comfortable with technological resources
  • Assisting individuals in the creation of goods and supply of services that are marketable in the community

Our New Jersey programs provide services to adult men and women diagnosed with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and dual diagnoses.

Our New Jersey community residential living arrangements provide behavioral treatment services for individuals who are transitioning from institutional placements or have not benefitted from other services. Individuals live in comfortable, attractive homes throughout the state, including Somerset County (central), Salem and Gloucester County (south) and Passaic County (north). These residences often serve as our individuals’ stable home where they may live and thrive in a family setting through the end of their lives.

Once at home in a New Jersey residence, individuals learn adaptive skills, find functional employment, and participate as full and active members of the community. Home is a structured, stable environment equipped with live interactive video that enables our professional staff to monitor services and provide 24-hour training, support and treatment consultation.