Behavior Medical Program

New Jersey’s Behavior Medical program serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who present the most significant behavioral and medical challenges that require expert professional medical attention. Individuals treated in this program may display challenging behaviors such as aggression, self-injury and property destruction. Medically they may present with a range of conditions from insulin dependent diabetes, seizure disorders, degenerative disorders and recurrent illnesses. The behavior medical program is structured to provide professional expertise, resources, environmental structure and support needed to serve individuals with the most challenging behavioral and medical needs within a single program.

behavioral-medical-Advo5763The program includes comprehensive supervision and intensive programming for each individual, each of whom has access to appropriate vocational, habilitative and therapeutic services.Support for medical concerns is provided by nursing staff, at the specific level that is necessary for each individual. Nurses provide treatment services throughout the program.

The Behavior Medical residence is also served by the primary care practitioner, as well as the psychiatrist, at the identified level of need for each individual in the program.

The Behavior Medical program was developed to address the common dilemma often faced by individuals with both medical and behavioral challenges: the choice between a program that could treat their behavioral issues or one that could treat their medical conditions. Specifically, our Behavior Medical program provides treatment for medical conditions associated with IDD, dual diagnoses and behavioral challenges.