Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bellwether Behavioral Health licensed by the state?

Yes, all of our locations are fully approved and licensed by each state where they operate.
In Delaware, Bellwether Behavioral Health programs are licensed by:

  • The Office of Childcare Licensing under the Division of Family Services
  • The Division of Developmental Disabilities Services
  • The Department of Health and Social Services Division of Long Term Care Residents Protection
  • The State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families

In Florida, Bellwether Behavioral Health programs are licensed by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD).

In New Jersey, Bellwether Behavioral Health programs are licensed by The Division of Developmental Disabilities Office of Licensing and Inspection.

Does Bellwether Behavioral Health provide an academic curriculum?

Academic curriculums are provided in both our Delaware and Florida programs. Our education departments work with your home school district to fulfill all criteria so that individuals can complete a certificate or diploma at their time of graduation.

What are the credentials of the staff, especially the counselors and therapists, who will be working with my child?

Our physician and nurses have the appropriate medical licenses. We have Ph.D. level psychologists, Master’s level clinicians, certified Behavior Analysts (Master’s level and Ph.D.) and certified special education teachers.

Does Bellwether Behavioral Health conduct background checks on its employees?

Yes, Bellwether Behavioral Health requires background checks as well as a drug screening for its employees.

How do I make a referral to Bellwether Behavioral Health?

Click here or contact one of our locations directly.

What are the program costs and who pays for these services?

Cost for services is determined by the individual’s needs. Typically, state agencies, and/or school districts will fund residential placements, but private pay is also accepted.

What are the ages of the individuals you serve?

  • Delaware provides services to individuals 8 years to adult.
  • Florida provides services to individuals 7 years to adult.
  • New Jersey provides services to adults only.

What states do you serve individuals from?

Bellwether Behavioral Health’s programs serve individuals from across the U.S.