Family Testimonials

This is the fifth place that my son has lived in since leaving our home five years ago. We have seen a big improvement in him in the 9 months that he has been at Bellwether Behavioral Health. He likes being there. He feels safe and happy. His behavior has improved drastically. We know he is in the right place and we sleep better at night now that he is being taken care of by Bellwether Behavioral Health. Thank you! -Parent

The staff at Bellwether Behavioral Health helps my family grow. Before Bellwether Behavioral Health we had little hope. Now thanks to Bellwether Behavioral Health my family has overflowing hope. Thank you Bellwether Behavioral Health! -Parent

The love and compassion that every staff member shows my son is incredible. I can’t even begin to express our gratitude for how Bellwether Behavioral Health has given our son a new and prosperous life. Thank you. -Parent

We are extremely thankful for the service our son receives at Carlton Palms. His behavioral challenges had become so intense that he was a danger to himself and our family. Carlton Palms provides the structure, consistency and care he needs to grow and develop. -Parent

When I visit with my son he is always happy. Seeing him happy is extremely satisfying and heartwarming. His home environment has provided a stable foundation for him to succeed in his own life as an adult. -Parent