Education Programs

All individuals at Bellwether Behavioral Health are assessed for educational, behavioral, and adaptive living domains, and students receive full time special education services on a year round basis. Some students receive a special education curriculum in addition to vocational and other functional objectives addressing adaptive and communication skills as well.


  • All students receive behavior management programming as specified by their individualized education plan (IEP) by qualified staff. This is a formal written program plan; reviewed and revised annually to ensure the individual receives the services required based on his/her assessed needs.
  • The educational program emphasizes standard academics, functional academics and vocational training along with training in interpersonal interactions, strategies for increasing self-control, impulse control and problem solving/conflict resolution strategies.
  • Special educational programming is provided in a highly structured setting and is fully integrated with the residential component of the program to form a consistent and seamless treatment approach.
  • The educational program is tailored to the unique needs of the individuals. For some individuals the emphasis is on making gains in the standard curriculum and completing requirements for graduation. For others, the emphasis is on functional goals such as increasing language skills or skills of daily living.
  • All of our individuals are provided with vocational training and opportunities to participate in community based activities.


Bellwether Behavioral Health’s educational services are in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and individual state special education regulations and standards. Licensed/certified teachers and staff work with our students in the classroom, residence and the community to ensure continuity of programming and the development of functional and educational skills.

Students receive specialized services in the areas of speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy when, and if, needed.

Bellwether Behavioral Health works in conjunction with parents, guardians, home school districts, and community agencies to develop a comprehensive plan of supports necessary to aid in the student’s future transition to a less restrictive environment.